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You only get one retirement.
Make it a great one.

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We believe that clients want guarantees and accountability in both insurance and investment products. As a result, we set certain benchmarks on our products, to enable them to meet these critical criteria.

As a full service financial services broker and insurance consultants, we shop the marketplace to find the best rates and products to suit your personal and business needs. Whether it's a simple "off the shelf" solution, or a fully personalized custom-designed solution — we can help. 


Retirement Planning

Goals-Based Investing focuses on helping you meet your income goals, not about performing against a stock market.

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Estate Planning

If you have accumulated assets during your lifetime, you likely will want to ensure that wealth transitions cost effectively. 

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Client Centre

Your financial situation doesn't need to be complicated. And our team and resources are here to help guide you through.

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Built on the most precise calculation engine in the financial planning market, NaviPlan® empowers you to tailor every planning strategy from simple goal-based assessments to advanced cash flow planning analysis. Generate a custom report, and email it to us to start customizing your plan today!

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Naviplan Retirement Tool

Retirement Assessment

No matter how you envision your retirement, the best way to make it a reality is to develop a plan and stick to it. We can help.

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Naviplan Major Purchase Tool

Major Purchase Assessment

Planning details for your projected major purchases will help estimate the cost and the amount of savings you will need.

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Naviplan Education Tool

Education Assessment

Do your homework. How will you ensure that you or your children can continue to focus on school rather than how to pay for it? 

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Health and Dental Icon

Health & Dental Insurance

Having the right coverage is crucial, and we're making it simple with insurance plans that are easy to understand and easy to buy. Save on costs not covered by your current plans and help protect yourself and loved ones.

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