Smart Partners

Smart partnerships by design

Today's businesses are struggling, keeping and retaining employees that have that ability to take information and transform that information into relevant products and services for their customers, and also to use that information to build and grow their networks in an increasingly competitve marketplace. Smart partners in partnership are the only source of competitive advantage today and we believe that it is going to be the only way that organizations can survive and thrive in the future.

Partnering intelligence enables us to enrich our customer's experiences. Organizations that cannot create smart external and internal partnerships cannot go out and create smart, healthy, mutually beneficial and trustworthy external partnerships and relationships with clients. We strvive to create those relationships with key organizations. If your organization is interested in creating a smart partnership with us, please contact Ron Rau at

To date, we have created smart partnerships with the following organizations:

AGCO Ceridian Little Caesars

AGCO dealers


Little Caesars