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Smart partnerships by design

AGCO logo As an AGCO Dealer, you want what any shareholder wants; ROI – a return on your investment. It can come as capital gain, as dividends, as income, or as a mixture; tax-deferred or sheltered compensation, as all sorts of things. But you want to make money with your assets and you also want your assets to be secure, appreciating, liquid and useful in your old age, or you want to convert them into assets that will be secure – or so you hope.

We have teamed up with AGCO to provide Business Succession Planning to the Dealer network across Canada. To facilitate this, we have assembled a national team with on the ground assets throughout Canada.

Initial Dealer Meeting

We are prepared to meet one on one, with members of the AGCO Dealer network in Canada, to facilitate discussion on Business Succession Planning issues as they relate to each individual Dealer, and in terms of their commitment to AGCO. We understand the financial incentive for each Dealer to complete and register a plan and we can assist you in that endeavor.

This will include a frank discussion with the Dealer and his/her other advisors that will lead to a no-cost analysis and a concise report prepared by certified tax and estate planning lawyers, and certified tax and estate planning accountants. These professionals are recognized leaders in their respective fields.


We will prepare an analysis of the legal documents that could impact your situation as a Dealer. Such analysis will consist of a summary of the document, identification of issues within the document, conflict between documents and recommendations to effectively deal with the issues and conflicts.

The documents to be analyzed would include:

  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Buy-Sell Arrangements
  • Wills
  • Insurance / Investment documents

We will prepare an analysis of your Dealer’s current/planned succession plan, highlighting the financial outcome as well as identify how efficiently the management of the business would have changed hands.


Our report will consist of the above analyses, along with specific recommendations that will put a succession plan in place for you. In addition, we will assist you in preparing your AGCO Dealer Succession Plan, and registering it with Corporate to gain CIP points.

In order to facilitate this, we have assembled a highly specialized team to work with Canadian Dealers.