Welcome to ClearMark Benefits

A division of RJ Rau & Associates

At ClearMark Benefits we have a proven process. We work on your behalf to first quantify your current program, qualify the rates and the current financial funding arrangements, make suggestions for potential improvements, offer you benchmark data in terms of what other firms your size are doing, and finally compare your current program to a more “fuel efficient” platform. In the end we feel that our process will enable your firm to save money, and receive an improved Benefits program in the process.

Whether we utilize a traditional program or something more exotic, we can bring solid advice to the table. We review many programs for new clients, and we often find that through the course of time they have simply been neglected. Changing legislation and new concepts can have significant impacts on these plans, often resulting in unwanted and unnecessary taxation. Let us show you how you can improve and become more “fuel efficient” in the process. And if you qualify to utilize our new Benefits+Rewards® program, it’s simply the BEST DEAL ON THE STREET for companies from 10 lives to 100 lives.

Our goal throughout this process will be to enable you to spend less time managing the benefits program – that’s our job! – and more time fulfilling other duties.