A New Approach to Custom Designing Executive Benefits

ExecPlus recognizes that each individual may be at a different stage in their lives and will have different financial goals and objectives. The aim is to level the playing field; to give each executive similar percentage benefits when compared to the rest of the staff – reflecting the skills he or she brings to the company.

The business decides:

  • who is to be included
  • which components will be included
  • the amount of compensation for each selected participant
  • the total dollar commitment using a percentage of total compensation comparable to the average employee

The objective of the ExecPlus benefit plan is to provide the corporation’s key people with a benefit package that has the level of quality that recognizes their value to the corporation.

Corporations should be seriously addressing the issue of reverse discrimination that executives face with respect to group benefits. We frequently hear in the media about the “brain drain” from Canada and yet many organizations fail to recognize or choose to ignore this fundamental problem.

Faced with ever increasing cost problems, corporations have found that they would prefer not to expand their pension and group life insurance plans. To do so would not only mean incurring extra costs which might prove excessive, but they might also have to bring into these plans, or increase benefits for, employees who may not be vital to the company’s future profits.

The cost to fill these gaps in broad-based qualified plans would be prohibitive and in some cases, such as long term disability benefits, not possible from an underwriting perspective.

A custom designed executive benefit plan offers the best and most economical vehicle for helping executives solve their family and retirement issues. It is a cost-effective way of increasing the purchasing power of its members at relatively little cost to the corporation.

The plan requires no government regulatory approval.

An executive brings a great deal of education, training and experience to the position.

They are willing to take risks to move ahead both personally and professionally and they assume a tremendous amount of responsibility in the process. Executives bring leadership to management and creativity to strategic planning. They make a substantial contribution toward the operation and the success of the business and ultimately to the shareholders.

It is essential that the executive be provided the comfort of both short and long term financial security so they may concentrate on the task at hand. This benefits not only the executive and his or her family, but also the corporation itself, its suppliers, customers, employees and the community.