Meeting diversified needs.

Flexible benefits are a great way to give your employees choice in the kind of benefits they receive and the contributions they make. If you have a large or diverse workforce with a wide range of ages, flexible benefits will appeal to your organization and to prospective employees who want control over their plan. Flexible plans may appeal to you because they can be constructed so as to make your future costs more predictable.

Flexible benefits are generally a good fit only for larger employers. To find out if a flexible benefits program will compliment your objectives, you’ll need answers to the following questions:

  • What will the flex plan do to your group's claiming patterns?
  • How will implementing a flex plan work with the current cost sharing arrangements and who will bear the burden of increasing premium costs in the future?
  • How can the plan administrator, the consultant and the insurer work together to reduce the impact of the increased administrative load?
  • Who will educate the employees regarding the available plan options, the consequences of various selections, and the rules regarding changing plan selections?
  • Our dedicated Group Benefits Teams can answers these questions by analyzing your needs and recommending an appropriate Flex Plan for you.