Benefits Planning Services – managing your plan effectively

The worldwide recession of the early nineties as well as the current one, combined with ballooning health costs and continual government off-loading of services as they realize that current levels of subsidization cannot be sustained, has put a new emphasis on professionally-managed group health and disability benefits.

Today, Group Benefits Insurance entails sophisticated program planning, implementation and ongoing management to ensure that employers can offer the best benefits at the proper price.

Backed by B. Comm Financial Benefits Consultants’ complete range of consulting, technical, and management capabilities, we offer the highest value-added services in designing customized benefits plans which are the best-suited and the most attractive to your employees.

Here's what we do

Whether you are a small, medium or large sized group, we:

  • Review your current Employee Benefits plan
  • Examine alternative plan designs which support your corporate philosophy while still managing costs
  • Discuss alternative funding arrangements and opportunities
  • Review opportunities for self-administration of the plan
  • Have pricing developed by the insurance company which can do the best job for your organization
  • Review the pricing in the context of a complete Market Study

Experience reporting
By analyzing your experience results and scanning your claims, we can provide you with the hard information that will help you budget for annual renewals.

Renewal analysis
Because Employee Benefits programs renew annually, we can examine the initial renewal proposal from your insurer. We then use our analysis of your claim history and trends to suggest any necessary changes to the plan and to negotiate an equitable renewal on your behalf.

Market study
We test price competitiveness within the underwriting community whenever it is necessary and appropriate. We conduct these Market Studies by seeking specific quotes from selected insurers based on your special needs. Our complete report on the most competitively priced carriers will ensure you get the best value at the most appropriate price.

Communicating the plan (or any design changes) to employees is crucial in managing an Employee Benefits program. We will prepare presentation materials and conduct employee meetings to ensure they understand clearly how the plan works and how they can access it.

At the same time, we aim to enlist employee cooperation and support in managing costs by sharing information on industry issues such as:

  • an explanation of generic versus brand name drugs
  • positive enrolment
  • drug dispensing fees
  • wellness strategies
  • changes to government-sponsored programs
  • corporate claims results

Value-added service
Through the facilities and capabilities of PPI Financial Group, we can keep you abreast of the trends and mechanisms which have an impact on your Employee Benefits program.
We can advise you on:

  • how to apply a managed health care approach to your plan
  • how to comply with legislative changes affecting your employees
  • the advantages of formulary management
  • disability management

You also benefit from an association with one of Canada's most respected professional services organizations. Renowned for its national scope, its leadership role, and an active involvement in industry issues, PPI Financial Group continues to help define and shape the future of the insurance profession in Canada.

Contact us for more information or to find out how we can make your life easier by utilizing our consulting services for your employee benefits plan.

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