About Us

In addition to employee benefits programs, we offer a complete range of business planning services, and have access to some of the top minds in Canada in areas such as:

  • Business Succession Planning
  • Shareholders’ Agreements funding
  • Debt underpinning
  • Business Value Crystallization and Securitization

With well over two decades of market knowledge and widely accepted practices, we create, customize and implement leading edge financial concepts for our individual and business clients that are very tax-centric. We offer a wide range of products to meet your personal and business needs.

Understanding that your business needs are inextricably tied to your personal plans we realize that it’s important for you to understand how all the pieces fit together in order to effectively leverage things to your advantage. Therefore, our focus is on planning, because without it we would just be selling products. We want to ensure that our recommendations fit your requirements, and take into account the big picture. We take great pains to build as much flexibility as possible into our solutions, realizing that your situation and goals will change over time.